10 Absolutely Weird Habits from Asia

Humans can have strange habits sometimes; they can display disturbing behavior that really affirms thenotion that we are animals. The Asians are at the helms of this affair, they have a multitude of weird habits that will make you cringe. To them, this is, of course, a normal way of living; but in the eyes of foreigners from all around the world that have never been to Asia before, to them, these behaviors aren’t normal. This is a compilation of the 10 weirdest habits from countries all around Asia, including China the largest country in Asia. Trust us, these are not habits of successful people!

#10 Spitting out in Public

Spitting out in Public

In some special places in China, there are public signs that warn people not to spit in public; that is because in the china, spitting in public is very common and it is the common way of living that is generally accepted. This habit isn’t restricted to the social class, as both the poor and middle class are guilty of this disturbing habit. Recently, authorities in Shanghai launched a campaign known as the seven Nos. these includes no vandalism, no jaywalking, no smoking in public places, no damaging greenery, no swearing, and most importantly, no spitting. Results weren’t encouraging, as the campaign failed. 

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