10 Beauty Secrets From Different Parts Of The World

Thousands of women around the world use their own traditional beauty secrets in their beauty routines, which you can also learn and try to improve your beauty. Women from different parts of the world look amazing in their own way and they use their own beauty tricks and methods for their skin, hair, hands, nails etc. This article is a collection of world’s top beauty tricks from around the world which can help you improve your beauty. Maybe some of the hottest girls on the planet use these tricks.

#10  Singapore


In Singapore, humidity level of 90% year-around that leaves your hair dry and rough, is battled with the help of coconut oil. As hair care tips, women coat the ends of their hair and leave it overnight, which ensure frizz free locks. For dry hair, Coconut oil is used as an intense moistening treatment. And applying and massaging two to three table spoons coconut oil on your on your hair thirty minutes prior to shampoo will ensure soft and frizz-free hair. Try this technique at least once a week to produce best results, as this is one of the best beauty tips for hair we could find. 

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