10 Best Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

Ever wondered what would happen if you’d face a Walking-Dead zombie apocalypse? How you’d close quarter zombies in abandoned pharmacies, how you’d cover your group mates while they stack on canned food, or how you’d shift patrol your camp’s perimeter? I’ve composed a top 10 list of some of the most common weapons/tools for fighting and surviving in a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion.

#10  Pitchfork


Every farm has a few pitch forks laying around, and can be used like a combat trident. Usually, the handle’s made of wood, has a handle grip, and 4 spikes on the same line. You’ll have to get physical and charge zombies one by one and aim for the head. Alternatively, you could first trip the zombie and then head-stab him while he’s on the ground. It’s a long range weapon, and you should never engage more than one zombie at the time because it’s hard to handle, effective trident blows require a lot of push force and can leave you defenseless for some time as you’re committed to a blow. 

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