11 Contemporary Eurasian Revolutionary Groups Involved In Guerilla Warfare

The following list contains some contemporary European guerilla movements. The summaries are objective and do not seek to act as propaganda of any form. The facts are well-known but I don’t guarantee their exactness.

#11  Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – Northern Ireland

Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) - Northern Ireland

The Irish Republican Army  was a revolutionary military organization that sought independence from the British rule. The original IRA split after the Irish War of Independence of 1919-1921 in two factions: The Pro-Treaty IRA and the Anti-Treaty IRA, the first went on forming the nucleus of the Irish National Army, while the latter, waged civil war for another year, and soon split into multiple factions, some of them active to this day. Waged terrorist acts till recently in 2001, they are still active. 

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