10 Of The Coolest Weapons Used By The Mafia

The interwar was a period in which the U.S.A. had seen the rise of organized crime enterprises, gangs, and syndicates. The Italo-American crime families both shocked and fascinated the American public. The violence seemed to come in infinite forms, the tradition and rituals became mystical, and their tentacle-grip would become ever stronger.
Guided by greed and hunger for power, the mobsters wanted to bend civil society into submission so they could impose a dictatorial government and form an illegitimate state within a state. Because of the lucrative aspect of crime in general, the mafia was very often better equipped than the police who had a standard secondary weapon and sometimes, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, while the weapons used by the mafia were more varied, sometimes military issued.

#10  The FN Model 1905

The FN Model 1905

This hand gun is thinner than a piece of paper and its bullet delivers quite the paper cut. Fabricated between 1906 and 1959, it fires a .25 ACP bullet of 45 grain (2,92 grams) at 815 feet per second (248 m/s), this anemic bullet was effective within a few meters. Slim and compact, the small gun is very conceivable, and could fit in most pockets, hats, or discretely strapped around the ankle . Mostly used for close quarters assassinations, the killers would aim for the head, heart or any other vital body part. 

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