10 Countries With The Highest Divorce Rate In The World

The following list covers the nations with the highest rates of divorce in the world. The statistics are kept by the United Nations’ Demographics and Social Statistics Division, and measures the ratio of marriages to divorces in each country. Many socio-economical factors determine a nation’s trend: social acceptance of divorce, the interhuman relationship between the spouses between themselves and others, the level of institutional bureaucracy, the level of influence from governmental and non-governmental institutions etc.
While a divorce is an unfortunate event, the divorce itself isn’t necessarily a negative thing, sometimes separation is the right choice. It allows an amiable separation of two parties that wouldn’t benefit any more from said relationship. The possibility of domestic separation must be readily available for anyone in a democracy. Anyway, here is top 10 nations with the highest divorce rate:

#10  USA: 53%

USA: 53%

Surprisingly for some, The USA is barely on the list at number 10. With over 300 million people, this country is fairly divided between north and south, with higher divorce rates is the south. A divorce happens every six seconds in The USA, and usually, the divorce rates grow for the number of marriages, so the more you remarry the most unlikely you are to maintain that marriage. If you remarry for the third time, you have a 73% chance of divorcing afterward. 

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