10 Fake Pictures Created By Using Photoshop Effects And Imagination

Photography is an amazing piece of technology and has grown in our world. We no longer need fancy cameras to take those incredible pictures. If you have a smartphone you can take some really fantastic photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to alter your pictures either, there are features built right into our cameras and smartphones that allow you to edit them right after you’ve taken the shot. The photos here have been edited with a program called Photoshop and it clearly lets those with a camera use their imagination to create fake pictures.

#10  Fetal Footprint

Fetal Footprint

Women can often see their belly bulge when a baby pushes out a limb; however, a woman’s abdominal wall has too much muscle and thickness to it for an actual footprint to show this clearly. The photo is endearing and probably has many pregnant women watching their tummies to see if they can catch a glimpse of their baby’s foot. It is hoped they never do; however, as it would mean their child is growing outside the uterus which would be a life-threatening condition for their baby and them. 

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