10 Luxury Houseboats That Will Make You Dream

Houseboats are famous for showing up in movies all the time. They don’t show up in real life anywhere near as often. However, living on a houseboat still happens, as these houseboats demonstrate now. Lots of these are custom houseboats, and lots of them are luxury houseboats. You’ll see small houseboats and large houseboats here. Whether you’re drawn in by the charm of a small houseboat or the grandeur of a large and luxurious houseboat, there’s something here for everyone.

#10 – The Fennell Residence — Portland, Oregon

The Fennell Residence — Portland, Oregon

Is this luxury houseboat a home or a conceptual art piece? Some people would say that it’s both. The big curved structure of this piece makes it look almost like it’s a time piece. Given how futuristic it looks, it might as well be a time machine. Living on a houseboat will never be the same again once people have tried custom houseboats like this one. They can experience living on a houseboat and living on a sculpture at the same time. Really, doesn’t that fulfill two dreams in one? 

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