10 Mythic Battles

#1  Ragnarök (Norse)

Ragnarök (Norse)

Ragnarök (Norse)

The death of the gods, the ultimate destruction from a catcalysmic battle with evil, out of which a new age will rise, the last battle of the world, in which gods and men alike will meet their destruction by monsters during a time of darkness. The dead will rise, as armies ride, and all will meet their fall. The fire giant Surter will beseech Asgard, setting fire to Bifrost as well as their homes, the great Midgard serpent will emerge from the depths of the oceans, meeting Thor, costing both beings their lives. The great wolf Fenrir will finally break free from his shackles to kill the All-father Odin, while the sun and moon will be swallowed by the wolves, Skoll and Haiti. All of the nine realms will be beset in purging flames, sinking them all into the boiling sea. There is no avoiding and no preventing the end times, though Ragnarök is the end of times, Odin has predicted it was not the end, so it’s commonly accepted as a time of rebirth.

The battles in myths can represent many things, and can have different implications. Sometimes it is a war of ideas, others times it can represent a description of an actual historic event. Mythology is the science that studies everything concerning a certain myth, from author, historic period, authenticity, but not all mythic battles have enough sources to even permit the creation of non-speculative theories about its intent or veracity. 

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