10 Normal Foods That Can Cause Hallucinations And Delusions

In our daily efforts to stay healthy by consuming certain foods and fruits, there are some that can have some profound effects on our mental wellbeing. These foods can bring various moods to consumers; happiness, sadness and less severe mental bloating by having just a bite. By innocently consuming these foods, you are bound to trigger hallucination and delusions, begging the question, what are the causes of hallucinations, coming from consumptions these foods in the first place? It is also important to differentiate that eating psychosis is a severe mental condition and totally different from hallucinations and delusions caused by consumption of these foods.

#10  Special Brownies

Special Brownies

This marijuana edibles do not produce such an extreme high to depart from reality. However, the marihuana used in these snacks has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) responsible for changing the mind’s consciousness. This leads to mild visual distortions, strange unique hallucinations, hunger and increased sensuality, paranoia, agitation, anxiety, and audio hallucinations. That is the reason why after taking a piece of the special brownie, you cannot resist another bite and another, till you get high. However, special brownies take close to 6 hours in order to have the hallucination effects kick in. 

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