10 Scary Urban Legends That Will Prevent You From Sleeping

Urban legends have always been around. They’ve been used by parents to keep their children in line, to keep trespassers away from certain areas in a town, or to make some sense of things that we don’t have answers to. A lot of urban legends have a standard, or legit background as to why it was thought up, while others, mostly creepy pastas, are just scary stories that were inspired by the original legends. A lot of these legends are commonly known but there are a few that have been around and we just haven’t really heard much of them, much less how truly scary they are.

#10  Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

I feel that the ones that know this one the most are middle to high school aged kids. I know when I was in 8th grade we tried this at every sleep over. The legend itself has a few different backgrounds as to exactly why she’s in the mirror, but the most common one and the one that resonates the most with kids is that she was a young girl that was so obsessed with her beauty that she became incredibly attached to the mirror. One day she was in an accident and her face was permanently mangled. The story says that anyone who stands in a dark bathroom and says ‘Bloody Mary’ three times, will make her appear in the mirror before them and she’ll attack you. It’s not really specified exactly what she does, but a lot believe she’ll scratch at your face and give you scars.¬†

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