10 Video Game Armor Suits

#1  Mark V HEV suit – Half-Life 2

Mark V HEV suit - Half-Life 2

Mark V HEV suit - Half-Life 2

New features include a visual zooming capability, limited enhanced running (sprint) capability, an injector to administer antidote for neurotoxins such as Poison Headcrab venom, an optional ammo and health counter on the crosshair, and the capability to use Combine power nodes to charge the suit. This design feature would have an unexpected effect later on in the game, when the suit appears to be infused with “Dark Energy” from a Combine weapon confiscation field, allowing the suit to store twice as much energy as normal, with maximum power at 200 power units, and will heal Gordon’s health back to 100%. At this point, the suit also charges much faster and efficiently, capable of going from 0 to 200, without even depleting a single charger to half capacity (normally, a charger can only give the suit 75 power units).

Unlike the Mark IV, the Mark V uses only one auxiliary power source for the flashlight, enhanced running and oxygen supply. In addition, the Long Jump Module is no longer an available upgrade found in the environment.

Gina Cross is said to have tested a Mark V prototype under the supervision of Richard Keller before the Black Mesa Incident, but it is unknown how this is related, if at all, to the Mark V suit featured in Half-Life 2.

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