11 Insanely Expensive Things Found Around The World

A luxurious life is should be the way we live, right? To enjoy the finer things of life, we always find ourselves spending extra money. That is why you may choose to order the mignon instead of the chop for dinner. You may also go the $50 bottle of wine instead of the usual $20. Well, if you wish to know about real luxury, then you better read on. In the list below, you will find the top 11 mind blowing most expensive things in the world today.

#11  The iPhone 4S Elite Gold: $9 million

The iPhone 4S Elite Gold: $9 million

As an Apple fan, then to you, apple is to you one of the best inventions man has achieved. Otherwise, you probably find Apple and iPhone users to be quite pretentious. In both cases, you will find that your stand is backed by the iPhone 4S Elite Gold model. This phone takes the spot of the world’ most valued phone, at a cost of a whooping $9 million. Stuart Hughes designed it using a total of 500 diamonds, totaling 100 carats. That is what it took to get the case’s details right. While this type of balling belongs to Tommy Haverford, dropping our phone in the bathroom every time we get drunk is something we are used to. 

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