12 Blurred Out Weird Things On Google Earth

Google Earth is one of those apps that has become something of a phenomenon in our culture today. Being able to see millions of places from all over the world from a 360 degree perspective with just the touch of a finger is a far cry from how we used to be able to view such things. However, Google Earth doesn’t always allow you to see everything, and that is what we are about to show you. We have found 12 places on Google Earth that don’t quite let you see everything that the picture has to offer, so let’s get started and figure out what is really going on in these places.

#12  Mobil Oil Corporation Facilities, Buffalo, New York

Mobil Oil Corporation Facilities, Buffalo, New York

This one isn’t quite as bad, but it is definitely still a bit strange as far as Google earth images go. You can see that the structures at least exist in the area, but they are all almost completely blurred out. In fact, the only clear image that can be seen in this shot is that of the parking lot filled with cars. Could Mobil Oil be hiding something?¬†

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