12 Mcdonalds Failed Products Like MCPizza And MCWings

Eating at McDonalds is a lot like owning a Britney Spears or Justin Bieber album: nobody will admit to it, yet somehow millions get sold. There’s nothing to be ashamed of: McDonalds supplies cheap meals fast, and loads them up with delicious things like salt, sugar, and fat. McDonalds is famous for being able to make anything look good and sound good with its brilliant marketing campaigns and top quality advertising. That said, sometimes the old Ronald goes a little too far, and no amount of advertising dollars can save a food idea that is just plain terrible.

Here is a list of McDonalds’ top 12 hilariously failed products:

#12  McDLT


The mcdlt was McDonalds attempt at putting vegetables besides onions and pickles (are pickles actually still vegetables?) on a burger. The mc dlt features lettuce and a large tomato slice, and was meant as competition for the Burger King whopper. However, in the end it wasn’t anything more than a quarter-pounder with a slice of tomato and lettuce, so yet another of McDonalds attempts to stray outside their specialty area of cheap and simple burgers failed.¬†


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