12 Most Inspiring Yoga Poses

Yoga is a sport that is gaining in popularity quickly. It seems that it is the new craze and people from around the world are starting to do it. Yoga is great, especially when performed by lovely ladies. If you’re looking for some new hatha yoga poses, bikram yoga poses or just ideas for beginners, be sure to check out this list as the benefits could be huge for you. These easy Yoga poses and stretching exercices will help your posture and general well being, enjoy!

#12  Ankles Grab

Ankles Grab

The flexibility required to do this yoga pose is tremendous. It takes many steps to get this further back, with each step building up to further deepen the back bend. This is an advanced pose and is not recommended for those that are just beginning yoga. The ankles grab is a great stretch for the lower abdomen, the shoulders, and neck area as well. To achieve the full ankles grab, one can start off with the bridge and work towards bringing legs and arms closer until the hands are able to grab the ankles. To come out of the pose, experts can simply release and rise up. 

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