13 Of The Best Soccer Players In The World’s Wives And Girlfriends

The wives and girlfriends of the best soccer players are often successful and attractive individuals in their own right. Sometimes, they’re just going to be known as the wife or girlfriend of the best soccer player in the world. Still, that’s more famous than most of us, and soccer players girlfriends can still use their fame to their advantage. It’s hard to tell anything from one photograph, really, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to do so over and over again, especially with soccer players and soccer players wives.

#13  Fanny Neguesha (Mario Balotelli)

Fanny Neguesha (Mario Balotelli)

Is this picture vaguely loving or vaguely possessive or vaguely protective or all of the above? The dramatic lighting really allows our imaginations to run wild. This is a picture that could be anything. Still, we’ll appreciate the visually appealing styling choice and the fact that these two really do look so great together. Their emotional expressions lend themselves to many interpretations.¬†

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