13 Impossible pictures that you can’t reproduce

Sometimes, we take pictures and without even knowing it we just created a photo that belongs to the impossible pictures category. The kind of photo that your friend won’t ever believe you took and say that it’s photoshopped. Here are 13 of those impossible images!

#13  I <3 you

 I <3 you

They say only humans have emotions and know how to express them well. But what happens when cats do the same though unknowingly. The tails of these 2 cats amazingly form the sign of love – a heart even though the cat on the left doesn’t seem too interested! The perfection with which the heart is formed seems to be premeditated as if these 2 lovers are expressing their love for each other to the world. It is love just as you had always wanted it to be, expect that you didn’t know that love could be expressed this way. It is one of the pictures that you would definitely want to see, over and over again. 

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