13 Pokemons Based on Real Life Animals

Pokemon remains popular 20 years after it was first introduced. There is a new game, Pokemon Go that will be released in 2016 that will allow players to capture, battle, train and trade virtual Pokemon who appear throughout the real world. Although supported through in-app purchases, the game will be free to play. Here are some of the Pokemons that have been inspired by real life animals. Good thing this isn’t a list of all pokemon as we’d still be writing it!

#13  Shellos is based on Chromodoris lochi

Shellos is based on Chromodoris lochi

Shellos is based on the Chromodoris Lochi and can be found on different sides of Sinnoh’s mountain range. It appears in two different colors depending on which side of the mountain range it comes from; on the West Sea it is pink and white and from the East Sea it is blue and green. Shellos changes its appearance drastically depending where it is. It is a slug like character with both of its forms having yellow lining around its eyes, back and mouth. 

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