15 Best And Famous Skateboarders That We’ll Never Forget

As far as famous skateboarders go, there are only a handful that people really get to know. With their amazing amount of ability and stamina, pro skateboarders are admired all over the world. The ability to perform ollies and grinds is only accomplished through intense practice and determination. This list of pro skaters contains all those who have been recognized for their accomplishments, making them the best in the world.

#15  Bam Margera

Bam Margera

There are famous skateboarders, and then there is Bam Margera. His impressive tricks and skating ability launched him to the top, and it was his show Viva La Bam that gave him staying power. The show displayed him playing pranks on family and friends all while showing the audience his love for skating. He has also appeared on Jackass with friend Johnny Knoxville and the movie Grind where he played himself. 

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