15 Custom Golf Carts That Look Better Than Your Car

Golf carts are not only a great way to navigate the golf course or private community, they also make a strong statement about the owner’s personality, taste, and of course bank account. In the old days, customizing a golf cart meant having a stereo installed in the dashboard, a built in cooler to keep the drinks cold all day long, or even hiring a specialist in order to create a one of a kind paint job. Custom golf carts certainly have come a long way since then. In fact it is not unusual to see one that includes amenities that actually rival that of a full-fledged automobile. So without further ado, here are the top 15 custom golf carts that look better than your car.

#15  Garia


First entry on our list of the top 15 custom golf carts that look better than your car is the Garia. This impressive machine certainly does not need any golf cart modifications in order to stand out in the crowd. It is actually the most expensive production golf cart available on the market today. If you happen to love golf, and have an extra $60,000 kicking around, you can enjoy the carbon fiber roof, built in refrigerator, and many other special options. 

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