15 Gore And Bloody Facts About The Real Dracula

Vampire is creatures that are known to be everywhere from films to books and even televisions and have become one of the most popular villains throughout pop culture. The stories of this kind of creatures started out in folklore with the most cultures having developed a sort of story about these vampiric creatures that became part and parcel of the pop culture when the English writer Bram Stoker wrote his Dracula book.

The novel is written on a real life count of Transylvania with the character of Dracula becoming fearsome, blood sucking demon. On the other hand, much of the terrific antics are based on a famous historical figure, Vlad III that is also known as Vlad Tepes. Tepes was known to have inspired the blood drinking legend to go ahead and drain his enemies’ blood into buckets and dip bread into it before eating it. He was always in constant war with the Ottoman Empire, and that meant that he never lacked victims. Here are some more gory facts that you can appetiser yourself with, but beware, this count dracula history is absolutely real and the dracula vampire is not just a made up story to scare children.

#15  He was called a Dragon

He was called a Dragon

The father of Vlad was called Dracul which meant ‘dragon or devil.’ Some people always debated on how he came to become a moniker is not known with some pointing out how he became to be in the order of the dragon which always fought the Ottoman empire, but others also refer to his fearsome nature. In short, Vlad Tepes became Dracula and therefore became worse and vicious than his father. 

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