15 Terrifying Things Airline Companies Don’t Tell You

Caution: If you are afraid of flying you are not alone. There are 20 million people that have this fear and there are some facts about flying you need to be aware of. You are trusting your life with the flight crew. Every time that you get on an airplane you are putting your life in the hands of others. Statically flying is the safest form of transportation. There are some things that airlines do not tell you that you should be aware of. Beware, we won’t talk about Top secret aircraft or top secret planes as this is out of our knowledge range, but we do have a few airline secrets.

#15  A Couple Screws on The Airplane May Be Loose

A Couple Screws on The Airplane May Be Loose

Picture Source : Crubby.net

It seems unsettling to know the plane may have a couple of loose screws. It is common and acceptable by those in the industry. These missing screws are common and a couple of missing screws is not a big deal according to exports. Safety experts even expect some of the screws to be loose on the plane. For the rest of us this is rather unsettling. 

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