17 Completely Funny and Ironic Pictures You’d Never Expect To See

Irony is truly one of the many spices of life. Whether it be the act of karma between two individual people, or even just seeing signs that contradict one another in your local area, irony is found in so many aspects of our lives. If you love reliving the irony that is life and having a giggle or two, then hold on to your seats. We are about to show you 17 of the most ironic pictures that you will ever see. Get ready to shake your head in disbelief, and let’s get started with these funny irony examples!

#17  That does look like stone though

That does look like stone though

Nothing is written in stone, meaning nothing is permanent. There is not one thing in this world that can’t be changed, except for maybe this engraved brick in the ground. Although a very philosophical thought, the irony strikes again. It just makes you want to shake your head at our society today. How can such ironic quotes be produced? 

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