17 Endangered Animals That Are Worth Saving

It’s no secret that a lot of beautiful animals are endangered. Due to hunting and loss of habitat, many animals have found their numbers dwindling. But which ones are at the highest risk? We’re giving you a list of the top seventeen at risk animals along with stunning photographs of them and facts about these rare species.

#17  South China Tiger

17 - South China Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris amoyensis

These tigers have the popular fur pattern often found in cartoon tigers: bright orange base with black stripes and white underbelly fur. Unfortunately, their numbers have been dwindling since the 1980’s, when there was between as estimated thirty to eighty individuals less. It’s been less than twenty five years since they’ve been seen in the wild, marking them ‘functionally distinct’ in the scientific community. However, there are breeding programs that use captive tigers in hopes of reintroducing them to the wild when there are enough individuals to do so. 


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