17 Funny And Best Mugshots That Happened On A Bad Hair Day

Mugshots and fashion shoots are not the same thing, which should be clear to anyone who has ever seen a mugshot. Funny mugshot pictures and mugshot photos that are just flat-out bad seem to be pretty much the same in a lot of cases. You figure you’re not going to take your best picture on one of the worst days of your life. Then again, the DMV always gives people terrible pictures too, so you have to wonder if there is anything going on in these government departments that makes people want to take hilariously bad pictures on purpose. It’s hard to tell the DUI mugshots from the funny mugshot pictures, but with hair like this, you would swear everyone was drunk.

#17  Ethereal Hair

Ethereal Hair

At first glance, you wonder if this woman has hair or if she just wore a hat made out of light. She’s a pretty woman and the bright white hair is striking, but you almost want to squint your eyes a little and blame the lighting man or the makeup crew, whoever is closest and who you can see first.¬†

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