20 Absolutely Mysterious Pictures That No One Can Explain

Photographs have always helped people capture memories they don’t want to forget. But what happens when mysterious pictures are captured? Many mysteries have been caught on camera throughout history that have garnered no explanations. Many of the unexplainable images in these photos were probably even better off not captured at all. Here are 20 of the most mysterious pictures ever captured.

#20  A Forgetful Time Traveler

A Forgetful Time Traveler

Image from : strangerdimensions.com


When a team of Chinese archeologists decided to open a tomb that was known to have been undisturbed for over 400 years, they might have discovered more than just centuries-old dust particles. A Swiss watch lay conspicuously out of place in the Shangsi County tomb as a possible evidence of time travel. Could a forgetful time traveler really have left the watch there? And if so, what was he or she doing in a tomb anyway? This is the kind of mystery photos that really makes you wonder what’s out there. 

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