20 Pictures That Can Only Happen In Dubai

Dubai is known for its richness – where else can you find Bugatti and lamborghini police cars? Dubai also has the biggest shopping mall in the world, the first and only 7 stars hotel and many other cool things. Dubai being a world on its own, here are 20 things that can only happen there!

#20  Texting and Driving with your cheetah pet

Texting and Driving with your cheetah pet

Let’s just set aside the fact that this man has a cheetah in his car. Let’s focus on the fact that this cheetah’s collar is attached to the man’s wrist. It only solidifies the idea that the cheetah is the man’s pet, and where on Earth can cheetahs be pets? Only in Dubai, of course, where the richest of the world can pretty much do anything they want with their money. Want to take a drive with your pet cheetah? It’s a normal thing they do there, much like texting while driving perhaps. 

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