20 Rich And Successful College Dropouts

We have been nurtured to believe that if you don’t go to school you will achieve nothing in society, which is pretty much a lie. I tend to believe what makes us stand out is our creative and critical thinking. Being able to be innovative in a world that has no limitations. Being consistent in what you do and never giving up is very crucial to the success of one as a business person. You have no idea how many people were told they couldn’t make and made it and became the bosses to those who said they wouldn’t make it.

#20  Ty Warner – $2.5 billion

Ty Warner – $2.5 billion

He is also a successful drop out. He dropped out from Kalamazoo College and became a busboy. He has also worked as a bellman, valet car parquet and fruit vendor before his breakthrough. He started his own company, Ty Inc. in 1985. Later on he began making beanie babies, plush toys, and whimsical quatrain. Before he knew it, he was among the richest people in the world. 

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