20 Sad Images Guaranteed To Make You Burst Down In Tears

Life isn’t always happy and cheerful. As the famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes said, life can be “nasty, brutal and short”. And judging by the extraordinary photos we will show you today, Thomas Hobbes had a point. You will be shocked, or may even cry, when seeing those photos and reading their description, but we really hope that when you finish reading this article, you will realize that every moment of your life is worth living. Please don’t burst down in tears as you watch these unique photos!

#20  German soldier going home

German soldier going home

In 1946 a German soldier, who was a war prisoner, returned to his home at Frankfurt. He had survived a lot of years of battle, let alone the fact that he was held captive for a long time. Yet, this photo made by Tony Vaccaro shows that all of these years of war were nothing compared to the grief the soldier felt when he discovered that his children and wife, the only people giving his a bright hope for tomorrow, have all perished. This one is  a solid contestant in the sad love images category. 

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