20 Tourists That Take The Most Useless Pictures In The Worst Positions

Pictures of tourists can be wonderfully existential. These people are immortalizing both the best and the most embarrassing moments of their lives. It really is the best of times and the worst of times for them. Hiring a professional travel photographer might have helped some of these people, but some of them really are beyond any earthly help. Some of them truly got lucky in every way: they’re lucky to still be alive, and they’re lucky that these pictures do not come with their real names.

#20  A Bunch of Squirrels

A Bunch of Squirrels

You have to hand it to rodents like squirrels: they do photograph well. The people who are photographing them don’t always, however. Maybe these people would be better off not imitating their subjects. Then again, they should have just posted their squirrel photos. 

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