20 Ultimate Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails

It has now become extremely popular in today’s mainstream culture for women to wear yoga pants practically everywhere except at the gym, where they actually need them. In restaurants, schools, malls you can see the power of the almighty yoga pants, a thing which is, in fact, really bad. Why this yoga/real pants confusion has begun and why do women think that wearing these pants everywhere is acceptable? Here we present 20 celebrities which, despite the fact their pockets are full and their dressing team is in action, fell victim to this frenzy of wearing yoga pants and camel toes so large that even the Saharan desert  would be shocked. Let’s get started on this girls in yoga pants list, but beware, some men also made the cut!

#20  Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna

Let’s start this yoga pants gallery with Blac Chyna. Because of the large backside that she possesses, her pants have become so overstretched, that even Ray Charles would be surprised to see this. 

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