21 Space Theories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

The solar system we inhabit is a very interesting place that is filled with space theories that scientist uncover every once and a while and let us look at our home from various points of view as time goes by. But despite the fact that science comes up with new fascinating discoveries, many people believe that secret organizations hide the most important secrets from us. These thoughts have led to the creation of many crazy theories by people who think secret governments hide their most important discoveries from the rest of the world.

These people think that theories like spacetime, einstein theory of relativity, darkmatter, the big bang theory and even the theory of gravity are hoaxes.  Here are the top 21 space theories that such people have created and actually believe in.

#21  The Moon Landing

The Moon Landing

Being the most popularized and famous of them all, this theory claims that the video of the moon landing was, in fact, fabricated and nobody walked the moon yet. 

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