23 Stupidly Awkward Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

Let’s face it, we have all been there at one time or another in our lives. Those awkward and/or embarrassing moments that are made even more stunning when they are captured on film or video. For some, moments like these may occur far too often. While there might not be a way to escape these moments, it is important to find the humor in them. It can help make the awkward moments more bearable and take the sting out of the humiliation that might ensue. Moreover, it helps “turn lemons into lemonade” as they say. A sense of humor is essential for dealing with life’s embarrassing moments. That being said, here are some awkward situations, with accompanying fun pictures, to find the humor in and focus on the positive.

#23  He’s not racist

He’s not racist

Nothing like being portrayed as a bigot–loud and proud–even if that was never the intent. Imagine a marine-loving soul like yourself wearing your new t-shirt out and about, trying to be eco-friendly by using public transit, only to find yourself seated next to a lovely African-American lady who might not assume the best. Given the unfortunate catchphrase displayed on his shirt, you cannot imagine the interaction ending well. Some classic comedy pics in here! 

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