25 Abandoned Military Bases And Their Awesome History

All around the world what were once shrines to military might and power now sit empty and abandoned still holding onto the essence of their past and the historic events that occurred within their walls. All at once these structures are majestic, elegant, awe-inspiring, and haunting. From the Maginot line of fortifying structures in France built in the 1930s to protect from German attacks in World War II to America’s National Defense Reserve ghost fleet that were designated to provide shipping vessels in the event of a national emergency, abandoned military installations come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Below we’ll explore twenty five of the most interesting, eerie, and beautiful abandoned military bases and just a bit of the history behind them.

#25  Cape May Bunker


Cape May Bunker sets just on the beach in Cape May County, New Jersey. The bunker has walls that measure seven feet thick and once was able to be walked beneath. This complex bunker was never meant to be permanent, and only to serve as a temporary military structure during the World War II. While it still stands as sturdy as it did the day it was built, it now appears to possibly be washing out to shore as tides change. 

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