25 Completely Embarrassing Prom Pictures from Celebrities

Everyone has embarrassing pictures. Embarrassing prom pictures are fun to look back and laugh at. This may not be as funny when a person is a celebrity. These are some of the most embarrassing celebrity prom pictures. You could also see some of the best prom dresses inside this list, keep your eyes open!

#25  Taylor Swift playing it cool with the Gang Signs

Taylor Swift playing it cool with the Gang Signs

Ms. Taylor Swift does look pretty in this picture with her hair and her makeup done up nicely. The same cannot be said for her date. The white cap that he has on is not doing either of them justice. Also in this picture they are throwing up gang signs. These gang signs are fake and for just a joke but they do not look good in this picture. While it was meant to be goofy looking gang signs in prom pictures do not mix well for anyone. This could have been a cute picture if not for those odd hang gestures. Celebrities at prom really act like normal people after all! 

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