25 Nasa Space Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

Many of the most beautiful NASA images are more than enough to get people to develop an interest in astronomy right off the bat, even though it’s a hard field to enter. NASA pictures like these are so beautiful that they will almost all make great posters, with or without captions that explain the space pictures. Some of these are Hubble pictures, and some of them were taken with less famous telescopes. Pictures of space are fairly common today, but not all of them are as awesome as these space images.

#25  The Sunflower Galaxy

The Sunflower Galaxy

Most people call this galaxy the Sunflower Galaxy, but its friends (astronomers) call it Messier 63. This Sunflower Galaxy looks like one of the symbols that people tend to see that represent infinity, which is appropriate in this case. Appropriately enough, galaxies like these are also called spiral galaxies. You’ll never look at a sunflower again after seeing one of these. It’s amazing how small the galaxy looks from here, given the size of its apparent mass in reality. 

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