25 Pictures About Life In North Korea That Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Want You To See

Living anywhere else in the world is easy to escape from the horrific happenings in North Korea. They are under the ruling of a communist dictatorship, which makes it difficult for anyone to live properly. Kept away from proper nutrition due to greed and taught that everything they say or does is under scrutiny makes for beyond hard times. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the destruction that Kim Jong Un has caused in the country and that is exactly what he would like you to do. Through this article, the photographer opens your eyes to the reality that is North Korea for a greater understanding of the tragedy that is occurring. All pictures were taken by photographer Eric Lafforgue while he was on a trip in North Korea.

#25  Soldier sleeping in a field

Soldier sleeping in a field

Inside North Korea, this soldier was found sleeping in a field. Even those that fight for the country are not given the proper treatment that they deserve. Here in his own country, he is made to sleep in a field. It is hard to find comfort in a country of such unrest. This is the beginning of seeing the truth that is behind Kim Jong Un reign in North Korea. 

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