25 Of The World’s Most Popular Youtubers

YouTube is still one of the most popular video sharing sites online. Each and every YouTuber with most subscribers has managed to show the world a whole new way to be a celebrity. The top YouTubers are the apex of a very steep pyramid, since there are so many people on YouTube who will barely get any pageviews, and the best YouTubers are not necessarily the most popular YouTubers. However, the most subscribed YouTubers are still extremely influential, even if they got that way through silly pranks or sillier gaming videos.

#25  BBQ Pit Boys (Over 600,000 Subscribers)

BBQ Pit Boys (Over 600,000 Subscribers)

These guys might have one of the most famous recipe channels in the world, even without the benefit of a television studio audience. The fact that their recipes are always delivered with a healthy dose of machismo and a fond reverence for rural culture should certainly help endear them to a wide range of people on YouTube, giving them the truly successful career that they have deliciously secured for themselves today. 

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