30 Weird Fashion Trends from the 1970’s

The only thing more unique than the words of the 1970’s were the fashion trends of the time. They were far out man and some have rolled back on through into more recent times. Thankfully, some of the weird clothing stayed put in the decade of discos and night clubs. It was bad enough some of us had to see the weird dresses in our mother’s closets years later. One thing that can be said about the 1970’s is at least the fashion was more than just funny t-shirts with words written on them. It was a one of a kind time period with some Dy-no-mite clothes, some of which should have exploded the moment they were made!

#30  Jumpsuits with Hoods

Jumpsuits with Hoods

These were all the rage for working out and wearing to work. Work up a sweat in these comfortable yet functional outfits. If there is a rain storm there is no worry because all you need to do is cover your head with your hood. It is an about time we are getting out of the 1970’s as we are four decades down the road, a much better one with great fashion trends. 

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