30 Well-known Famous Refugees And Their Stories

With the currrent refugee crisis all over the news, a lot of misconceptions and false facts about refugees are also circulating. Many people don’t realize how many famous refugees there are, from a wide variety of backgrounds and with different refugee stories. Some became famous before fleeing their home country, whereas others became successful afterwards. Some of these famous refugees are known for being refugees, while others are not. This list of refugees is meant to provide accurate refugee facts based on the lives of these famous refugees and their contributions to the world.

#30  Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer was born in 1944 in a bomb shelter in England, where his parents had escaped to as Jewish refugees from Germany. Both of his grandmothers died in Nazi concentration camps. In 1949, Springer and his parents moved to the United States. Springer has had a multifaceted career, including politics and journalism. He is most famous for being a television host, especially for his talk show. Oh, and he’s also a fan of massage parlors.¬†

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