6 Weird Museums Around The World

While museums usually bring to mind images of art and science, there are a few that do the exact opposite. As long as people stay interested in the world of the obscure, there will be places to go where weird obsessions can be indulged. From artwork that is celebrated for its poor quality to tools usually reserved for carpentry, the strange museums in this list will make anyone wonder why they exist, and how they have become so popular. People from all over the world flock to see these unique attractions and it seems that interesting museums such as these will most likely continue to amaze and confuse people for years to come.

#6  Pig Museum, Stuttgart Germany

Pig Museum, Stuttgart Germany

For those with an intense fascination for a specific type of livestock, there is the Pig Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Every type of pig imaginable has a place at this well known tourist attraction. There are pigs for hugs and smiles as well as well as some to hold and touch. There are 25 pig themed rooms that are likely to keep anyone thoroughly entertained. Unique museums like this are hard to come by, but people are always happy they exist. 

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