8 Photographs That Are Built From Scratch

Imagination is something that can take on many forms. Therefore, if a person’s profession is to deal with imagination head on, he or she does need to be receptive to the awesome powers and pull that does go along with imagination overall. Just imagine working in a job where you get to create special effects, special visuals, and the like. What does this type of career require you to have? The answer is, of course, huge imagination and imagination ability. The mind must always be open to new frontiers and conquering new frontiers. The 8 photos that will be highlighted here did require the openness to imagination behind the eyes of a camera. With this said, one can now see just how crucial imagination is to us, behind the camera, behind a desk, or behind our very own thoughts for that fact.

#8  Soldier ready for combat

Soldier ready for combat

What we see with this unique photo is all creative and story-telling angles from the lens of a camera. These lens of the camera is focused on by a very artistic, as well as, very clear and imaginative photographer who is making sure to get all the best angles to tell this story possible. This story looks like that of a soldier in combat or about to be in combat in some strange place? It may be a story unfolding for a video game, computer game, animated series, or comic book. The camera is indeed imaginative and live with all lens trained on the soldier as character. 

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