9 Things To Know About Businesswoman Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump is the daughter of real estate developer and tycoon Donald Trump and former model Ivanka Trump. She was born October 30, 1981 and is now an American businesswoman, former model, and writer. She is currently an Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Ivanka is a very strong businesswoman and is involved in all aspects of Trump Organization’s real estate and hotel management. She is also the founder of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and the Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection that includes Ivanka Trumps handbags, footwear, Ivanka Trump dresses, eye collections, outerwear, and fragrances.

#9  It is she who called Donald Trump to run for president

she called Donald Trump to run for president

Ivanka has to be the most influential advisor at this time. She nudged her father to join the presidential campaign because she believed that he had what it takes to win. Since then, she has been steering her father in the direction she thinks is best for him, voicing her opinions to him, guiding him and urging him to clarify things the public misunderstands. It is with Ivanka Trump’s help that Donald is winning the hearts of many. According to dad, Ivanka is a very, very smart woman. She really does hold way too much sway over her father. 

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