9 Weirdest Billionaires of All Times

What’s the best thing your money ever got you? A brand new car? A cute townhouse? Maybe even a shopping spree or a cup of coffee? These are all normal things people spend their money on. But how some of the richest spend their fortunes lie on the edge of really crazy, creepy, and totally bizarre. They’ve gone from plastic surgeries to dinosaurs to stealing and killing. Here are some of the most bizarre billionaires and their bizarre ways of spending. Truth be told : it’s not because you’re one of the richest person in the world that you’re necessarily a smarty pants.

#9  Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein

These days, socialites are more often equated to gold diggers than they are not. Whether it is true in her case, Wildenstein surely got her riches by marrying a billionaire. Could it have been true love? It surely wasn’t for the husband, whom Wildenstein caught sleeping with another woman. Jocelyn ended up getting a divorce, but she definitely kept his money for keeps. We haven’t heard anything unusual so far. However, if you see Wildenstein now, you might mistake her for a cat instead. Jocelyn spent millions of her fortune on plastic surgery procedures just to make herself look feline, literally. 

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