The Unbelievable Story Of The Iceberg That Sunk The Titanic

In 1912, a major news spread across the globe: a huge iceberg and a non-reactive crew crushed the Titanic, the biggest cruise liner at that time. We know the Titanic’s story, but what about the iceberg that stood in its way? That’s the question a professor in England tried to solve to get the Titanic history just right.

From Sheffield University, Professor Grant Bigg was able to estimate that the iceberg must have weighed about 1.5 million tons and was about 400 feet long.

Titanic Iceberg

Although this seems huge, the Professor thinks the iceberg could have weighed a little over 75 million tons at its peak. The size of it was probably around 1700 feet long.

Titanic Sink News

Using a sophisticated computer model, Professor Biggs thinks the iceberg was formed more than 100 000 years and that it consists of snow residues.

Titanic Sinking

From historic weather data, it seems that the iceberg had been melting for a couple months in the North Atlantic before it hit the Titanic.

Titanic Ship

The scholar did not stop there; he was able to trace the origins of the chunk of ice to Groenland’s southwestern coast, near Qassimiut.

Titanic leaving the port

Those findings are pretty darn impressive; who knew icebergs could stick around for so long. It’s great to see what scientists can do with today’s technology. This helps us understand the history of the titanic a little bit better and feel what the people on board felt, just like they show it in the titanic movie!

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