Top 20 Hottest Girls – Maxim Style

Every year, Maxim compiles lists of the hottest women from around the world. These women are singers, actresses, models, etc. No matter their job, they all look absolutely stunning. Enjoy this top 20 hottest women – Maxim Style!

#20  Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Picture  @Maxim

Hot babes are everywhere on this list and this picture is hot. It is revealing but not too relieving. Miranda has on a black dress with a V neck. Only the V goes down far enough to give viewers a look at what the rest of the dress is hiding. The viewer is left wanting to see more of Miranda and what she is hiding under the rest of this dress. Her hair is tired back and she has a seductive look on her face. This is one of the hottest pics out her out there. 

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